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GT20 production

CNC machine for the production of rotor blade molds
Assembling aluminum mold for one piece V-Tail production process
Main PCB design and layout including quality control of the board itself and functional testing
R&D shop – aerodynamic calculation, structural design, software development and electronics development
Structural design of components including smart battery, mechanical parts and also mold design
Autopilot calibration, sensor data analysis and flight testing
Preparation of pre preg material in the composite shop
Carefully preparing the molds and inserting composite material
Trimming the parts’ edges after molding
Polishing the carbon components
Manufacturing fuselage reinforcements
Spray painting the main fuselage
Installation of the main PCB connecting all subsystems
CNC production, here the main gearbox housing
Main gear box and rotor head assembly
Manufacturing smart batteries, here spot welding
Assembly of smart charging station
Component testing and lifecycle testing of all critical components like main gear box, rotor head, swash plate including servo linkages, rotor blades, traction motors, smart batteries
Molding the main wing from aluminum mold and first visual quality control
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