Safety First

Aviation Grade Quality

Our guideline is to provide solutions for products, services and support following aviation standards. It is our dedication to offer safety and reliability at all levels of commercial UAV operation.


One of the most striking safety features of Gyrotrak is its ability to autorotate. Since the main rotor is in autorotation mode during forward flight, even in the event of a traction motor failure, Gyrotrak is able to land slowly and safely, which is why the autogyro is one of the safest aircraft concepts around. Even in strong winds or turbulence, the aircraft is docile and safe to fly.

Gyrotrak GT20


Gyrotrak’s multiple levels of redundancy ensures continued flight even in the unlikely event that one of the systems fails.

Certified Autopilot

The autopilot software and hardware navigating Gyrotrak is not only redundant, rock solid and many times proven, it is DO-178/ED-12 and DO-254 certified respectively – the most demanding aeronautical regulations for onboard electronics (DO178: Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification and DO254: Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware).

Safety & Security

The system is equipped with permanent continuous health monitoring, a black box and EMI protection. All communication links are encrypted – a higher, military grade encryption is optional.

Pilot Training

One of the most important elements in an overall security concept is the pilot. To give every machine operator the option for a good education, we launched the AIRIAL ROBOTICS Test & Training Center in the outskirts of London – easily accessible but still with a lot of open space around it. As part of a flight and security training, we ensure thorough instruction in all aspects of the platform and its operation.

A European Company

Development and production of Gyrotrak is in Europe. Cloud services are running on European Servers and comply with the strict rules of European data protection. The HQ and global operation is being managed from Hamburg in Northern Germany.

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