The Next Generation of Uavs

The Next
of Uavs

Airial Robotics GT20 Gyrotrak UAV


The first market ready “Airial Robot”! An empty weight of 7.5 kg and maximum take-off weight of 20 kg makes it an impressive Cargo and Inspection platform.

Airial Robotics UAV Batteries


Our developed, patented technology is an efficient UAV carrier system for the commercial market, which redefines the limits of commercial drone applications.

CT 30 Cargotrak Transport Drone

CT30 Cargotrak

Our heavy lift UAV CT30 Cargotrak has a massive 2.65m diameter rotor allowing it to remain stable in heavy winds and extremely high elevations while carrying up to 10kg of cargo.

Hybrid Drive
System Technology

Gyrotrak commercial UAV introduces a new, cutting edge, disruptive hybrid technology to the market, combining the best of Gyrocopter and Helicopter.

This new concept delivers very low energy consumption forward flight as well as vertical take-off, landing, hovering, or loitering, at any time during a mission. Gyrotrak UAV’s have large payload capacities, very long flight times and a high level of in-flight redundancy with safety being a priority.

Commercial UAVs

The applied design principle of the Gyrotrak system allows us to scale the system easily to multiple sizes, different MTOW between 2 and 600kg and specific applications making our „Airial Robot“ a perfect tool for multiple UAV applications like surveillance, logistics and transportation, agriculture and inspection.

The first product is the GT20, an impressive platform with a maximum take-off weight of 20kg, an empty weight of only 7.5kg and a flight time of up to 2.4 hours at 60kph speed.


Airial Robotics

AIRIAL ROBOTICS is a European tech company with its headquarters in Germany, R&D and production in Hungary and a UK office with a test and training facility.

Thanks to the innovative hybrid concept, which combines proven aerodynamic principles with the latest technologies, AIRIAL ROBOTICS creates a completely new drone category that clearly exceeds current industry standards in terms of flight time, payload, range and efficiency whilst at the same time having a highly modular system architecture that can be customized for a wide variety of commercial UAV Missions. AIRIAL ROBOTICS is committed to rethinking every aspect of today’s UAV products, in order to develop and achieve better solutions, using advanced methods and technologies.

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