Gyrotrak technology


The new developed, patented technology, Gyrotrak platform is an efficient UAV carrier system for the commercial market, which redefines the limits of commercial drone applications. The hybrid platform combines well-known technologies from man-carrying aviation in an innovative way to address previously unfulfilled UAV market requirements like longer flight times, longer ranges and higher payloads, coupled with strong safety principles. Up to 22m/s (80km/h | 50mph), Gyrotrak has the lowest energy consumption when compared to multi-rotors, helicopters or VTOL aircraft.


Gyrotrak combines the technical advantages of the helicopter and gyrocopter worlds and is also characterized by its diverse, modular structure – ideal for the commercial market, where the different fields of application require a UAV system that can be optimized precisely to the purpose required. Modularity is demonstrated not only in the basic construction of the UAV but in its ability to install different sizes of battery pack and use the remaining part of the MTOW for the task load.

Gyrotrak UAV Technology Modular
Gyrotrak UAV Technology Autorotation


The autorotation principle of the main rotor, known from gyrocopters, not only ensures that the new Gyrotrak platform uses very little energy in forward flight and has high flight stability, but also that the UAV can still land safely even if all motors should fail offering a glide ratio of up to 1:13. At the same time, the new hybrid solution has the positive characteristics of a helicopter, such as vertical take-off and landing in a small area, the possibility of backward flight, or hovering on the spot and the high lift capacity but without the continuous high drive power required for forward flight.

Based on research

The Gyrotrak platform is based on systematic and intensive research, design and test work.
Airial Robotics believes that this new concept has the potential and opportunity to positively change and enhance commercial operations and operational safety in many commercial sectors, as well its ability to contribute to humanitarian, disaster relief and other important areas in today’s developing world.

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