Commercial UAV Applications:


Long flight times and range

The conceptual design of Gyrotrak delivers long flight times and range, making GT20 the perfect machine for search and rescue missions covering large areas, border control, long chases, fighting extensive fires or the surveillance of larger crowds or events.

Fires, natural disasters, suspects, or party people at a rock festival, all have one thing in common – they don’t care about the weather – neither does Gyrotrak. IP65 rated, Gyrotrak is there to support and deliver its mission, whatever the weather.

Battery Load Optimization – GT20’s ability to interchange the ratio between task and battery payload ensures that the UAV can be optimally configured to numerous different missions.

While every Gyrotrak data stream is encrypted as standard, there are some applications that are very demanding in terms of high-end encryption requirements. If this is the case, AIRIAL ROBOTICS can offer military grade encryption options.

Gyrotrak GT20 Transportation

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